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Home Again

For me, being away from home for any amount of time makes me realize how much I miss it and more so the people in my home. After my Dad picked me up from the airport I just looked out the window at the blue clear sky for quite a while. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing and smelling the clean air. It always seemed strange to me how you can be half way across the world in the morning and later that day be back home. I arrived home to a house full of relatives and friends. I pulled out all the things I bought for everyone and starting telling all my stories. I had a lot of good experiences to to talk about, but to be honest the people were not one of the positives. Don't get me wrong every Chinese student I met was amazing and I loved them all and I'm thankful I had an opportunity to meet them to change my perspective a bit. Honestly, I felt like the only time a stranger was nice to me was when they wanted to take a picture with me or I was buying something from them. It really upset me that we got stared at so much and people pointed and took our pictures without us looking. I thought I would get over that, but it bothered me right to the end of the trip. It is just so unacceptable in America to point and stare at someone who is a little different. Maybe it was just the language barrier, but I didn't like being bumped into by so many people all the time and no one ever saying sorry or excuse me. I was also frustrated with all the people I saw litter while we were there. It is not that hard to find a garbage can, but I would see grown men take a wrapper off a food and throw it right on the ground...it's no wonder the streets are so dirty. Not to mention the peeing everywhere and people spitting. I don't mean to vent, but these are habits that are unacceptable in America and it was hard to get used to them while in China. The experience was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. Seeing and learning about other cultures is always a great opportunity and it makes me appreciate what I have at home so much more.