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Last Night in Tianjin

Today is our last evening in Tianjin and I am surprisingly sad to leave. These past four weeks have been unbelievably amazing but in the back of my head was always the thought of my family and friends who are home enjoying their summers. After our final presentations, which covered almost everything we had done, it really hit me that this experience is almost over. There is so much I have learned and so many amazing people we have met that will be difficult to leave behind. In the beginning, the most difficult part was the language barrier but looking back on it, being able to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language was eye-opening and fun. You take for granted the fact that you can read billboards or speak to a random in a grocery store, but keeping these in mind, I know I will return home with a different attitude with regards to people needing help, taking time to bring them instead of point in the right direction. And it’s not just the obvious differences that have made an impact, but the basic human needs, such as a social connection with others. Realizing that these Chinese college students are essentially the same as we are, they get stressed over finals, enjoy shopping or playing sports. It just shows how much we all are alike even when our backgrounds are very different.