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Monday-Tuesday Week 3

Monday we got up and went to lecture at Nankai as usual, and followed it up with some lunch as we always do. Class was pretty interesting, teaching a lot on the economy of China, which gave out some pretty interesting facts/figures. The class focus however was on HRM policy/practices in China, which was cool to compare to our own. Our business visit in the afternoon was to Xin Mao Technical Park, which was an investment organization. The company was really interesting, learning about how they make money from assisting in the initial investments in new technologies and or manufacturing facilities. Basically they help companies start up financially and assist in the development of their organizational structure.

With our free time we all had a lot of work to do still in our paper writing process, and went up to work on them for a few hours. A small group and I went to the Chinese dumpling place again, with Eric and Lu this time. It is amazing how much food you can get for 18 yuan. One highlight of my day was when Lu insisted in giving me a ride on his bike how we often see the Chinese people doing. I sat side straddle how they do, and found out in a hurry how difficult it is to balance sitting that way! It was pretty fun to cruise past the group on the bike though, and not only them but other onlookers seemed to get a pretty good laugh. The rest of the night consisted of an attempt at the paper, resulting with little more than an idea for structuring it.
On Tuesday we had a great lecture on the Chinese economy by in my opinion our best professor yet. Zheng Qi was his name, and he had many interesting numbers for us to observe putting the massive Chinese economy into contrast against the American economy. I found it really interesting about the amount of cement they use in one year, and went back to research the American cement usage. The results were astonishing showing that the Chinese last year used 1.3 billion tons, while we only used 114 million tons! This really is easy to see however, when everywhere we go we are coming across construction, it is seemingly an entire country under construction/like one big construction site. In the afternoon we went back to TEDA again, and visited a factory that makes stock cd/dvd players for Toyota and GM. Next we saw the port of Tianjin, which was massive and reminded me of the port in Seattle. The port was covered with probably a 100 cranes for moving containers onto/off of the massive ships. Then we concluded our visit to TEDA with a quick stop at an imports only auto show. It was held in a massive building that had 2 floors of all sorts of incredibly expensive cars. There were anything from H2/H3, H6 (the six-wheeled hummer, pretty amazing and only $320,000) to Rolls Royce and all sorts of Audi and BMW’s. The trip back was pretty long and everyone was pretty tired, so I cranked up the ipod and caught up on some sleep. Had some Chinese ramen for dinner, and worked on the paper again, doing some pretty thorough research and comparisons between the Chinese/American economies.