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Morgan Meets Sandy....

By: Stacy Jorgenson

Wow what an adventure we had in Beijing! We were picked up by our tour guide (what a nice guy he was) on Friday morning and headed down to Beijing. The bus ride wasn't too bad. We finally got a larger bus to ride in. Morgan and I were bus buddies and we pretty much talked the entire time. I was pretty tired from the night before... due to Morgan and his story... He came to our room Thursday night to tell us all about his ride on the back of a motor scooter with a gentleman named Sandy. I just like to give him heat for it... Typical for me! But the second we got into Beijing it was go, go, go!

On Friday we had the chance to visit temple of heaven, forbidden city and Tian'anmen square. These each had beautiful buildings and some awesome landscape. My favorite event of the weekend was our trip to the great wall. My entire life the great wall has been some mythical place, just something that we read about in our textbooks. But the chance to physically walk the great wall allowed me to feel more complete. To be able to say we climbed the great wall gives me great pleasure! It was a hard hike up the steep and deep stairs but in the end I am happy we got as far as we did. We saw a number of individuals who had to carry lunch and goods to the workers at the top. We got some really good pictures... there is one on here!

Saturday night was an absolute blast! I was happy that I got the chance to see and hang out with Tian! He showed us around on Friday night. We saw the olympic stadium and the water cube where the aquatic events take place. We took a half hour or so cab ride to this location. We walked around and were only able to get so close due to the gates surrounding the places. We were able to see the dragon. The building was shaped like a dragon and will be used for the media for the Olympics.

Saturday night Tian took us to a nightclub called VIC The Kro's Nest. It was an absolute blast! There was around ten of us who went. We danced for a few hours and had the chance to hang out with some foreigners and Chinese people!

I am still having an absolute blast!!