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Pizza Hut in China

One of my favorite Pizza places in the states is Pizza Hut. When we first got here everyone was saying how expensive Pizza Hut was compared to the US. So for a long time I avoided going there until I had a craving for pizza. Last night, Brynn, Shannon, Laura, and I all went out shopping to Golden Street. We had an almost all "American" day! We went shopping in real department stores, we had no translators, and we went out to eat at Pizza Hut.

We walked in to Pizza Hut and our mouths about dropped; the place is all decked out! You even have to wait to be seated! We looked at the menu and we were even more amazed by what they offered. On there menu they offered, pasta, fancy drinks, soups, salads, escargot (snails), special desserts, alcoholic beverages, and of course pizza!

When we ordered, Laura and Shannon wanted pasta and Brynn and I ordered a pepperoni deep dish. They were out of pasta!!! Laura and Shannon were not too thrilled about this, they were craving pasta like crazy! The deep dish pizza was amazing!!! And it wasn't as expensive as everyone was saying. Between the four of us we each paid 8 US dollars. In the US we would have paid a lot more for 2 large deep dish pizzas.

Another exciting part of this day was we got a taxi there and back all by ourselves. This may seem like an elementary task, but in Tianjin, its definitely something to be proud of. Having just a little bit of independence is exciting to have!

Overall, our day was very fun and well needed!!!