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Riding the Bus

Well it was definately a new experience for me as I left China. I really was looking forward to visiting the town of Suzhou, and with the way my flight to Hong Kong was working out there was the possibility that I would not be able to travel with the group to the Venice of the Orient. Luckily, with a little help from Dahui and Todd, we were able to find alternate transportation from Suzhou to Pudong Airport. I was very nervous to venture out on my own, especially on a bus that would be making stops elsewhere when I do not speak much chinese and would be on my own. I was very thankful that Dahui went to the bus station to see me off and made sure I knew what I doing. I found a nice American man to sit and talk to who had done this routine several times before. The bus was very crowded and offered little air conditioning, but it got me to the airport very easily and I was still able to enjoy as much of Suzhou as I could. Now I just had to navigate from the airport in Hong Kong to my hotel. That was a new experience.