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Similiarities in a Country of Differences

By Stacy Jorgenson

It is amazing at how fast these days are flying by. At first, and okay maybe still a little now, I felt soo homesick. I wondered if the time would move any faster. But now I look back and I realize we have done so much in such a short period of time. I can witness myself going through the culture shock stages. Due to my classes and past experiences I am aware at where I am with my experience.

As we reach the end of the third week I can see that I am beginning to become more accustomed to the culture. No longer do I jump at the sound of horn or do I turn down food put on my plate. I have learned that although this is an entirely new culture for me; there are still so many similarities to the American culture. I think having the chance to hang out with the Chinese students has allowed me to witness the similarities. Today was another perfect example for this. We spent our morning at the the Dynasty winery. I was so excited to have the chance to watch once again how wine is created. We also had a chance to learn a little history of the company and we got to taste the wine as well. Afterwards though we came back and ate lunch and ran a few errands. Following this we met up with some of the students to play basketball, soccer, badminton and ping pong. It was a great experience for me to take part in an everyday activity that the students partake in.

I am starting to see myself getting closer to the Chinese students which is awesome. But I am sad that in a week we are going to have to say our goodbyes. I hope that I can continue to keep touch with the students.

The lecture on Thursday was my favorite thus far. We had the opportunity to learn about the family business. The instructor we had showed a ton of passion in the subject. It has been very interesting to see the growth and success of the Chinese. I am pleased that I have the opportunity to learn first hand how businesses here operate.

This weekend should be another excellent time! A number of us are heading to Beijing. We plan to meet up with Tian again. I am looking forward to spending a few more days with him before I have to leave! We plan to get in a few more hours sightseeing and also get in some shopping!!

Take care!