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I think my family was pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff I brought them. I carried home relatively few nick-knacks and almost all of them have found their respective homes already. The one everyone likes the most is the mask that we all got from Nankai. I am letting my parents keep it at their house.

My mom really likes the idea of me being able to travel in my youth --and living vicariously through my travel. I am very happy I got the opportunity to go to China with LSBE and could hardly be happier with my experience. We had an excellent group and I hope everyone enjoyed their trip as much as I did.

If there is one souvenir of knowledge i am taking with me, it is to pack light. It is hot in China. As much fun as running to the train was, I hope future groups don't have to be as hurried. Being at the Tianjin train station is experience enough without having to sprint with 4 bags of stuff. I am hoping that I can follow through on my own advice as I pack up my coolest souvenir from China, the backpack June gave me.


Thanks for the great time in China, and wish me luck in Germany,