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Squatters/ Western Toilets!!

One of the hardest adjustments was having to go to the bathroom in a "squatter" (the term our group coined when we were in China). It was a privilege when we would find a western style toilet, it was almost like a treasure, in fact, it was! Many of us wouldn't even go to the bathroom if we wouldn't find a western toilet. Not only was it awkward to pee while squatting because you had to lift your pants so they didn't get dirty, make sure your pants were out of the way so they didn't get wet, (you know what I mean), but there was usually urine everywhere! In China we didn't look for the bathroom, we had to smell our way to the bathroom. By the middle of the trip, it didn't matter, if you had to go, you went! Let me tell you, being a guy on this trip would have been fabulous! Being back home it is nice to always know I can find a western style toilet, that is almost always clean, has soap and something to dry your hands with. We are very lucky to have these little things in our life.