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The Return Home

Well, our little trip is finally over and I am so glad to be home and see all my family and friends and yet at the same time I am so sad that I had to leave all the friends I made on the way. It will be so weird not seeing everyone on the trip everyday. I already miss them. The plane ride was so long, I thought we were never gonna get there. And to make it even worse, I was so excited about coming home that I didn't get any sleep on the plane, and I had pulled an all nighter the night before. And not to mention one stewardess kept running in my knee, which has a huge bruise on it from my fall at the night club the night before. ooouuccchhh! But i was pleasantly surprised to see that my boyfriend was there to pick me up, he told me he was still in Loiusianna. I slept the whole car ride home and most of the afternoon. It is so nice being able to hear conversations in english and being able to read signs and stuff like that. China was a great experiace, but there was nothing like sleeping in my own bed!!!!