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third day in guangzhou

Our third day in Guangzhou started with an two hour long breakfast with my relatives and friends. Because the restaurant was busy, our dear old friend, Mr Kwan, was there at the restaurant to claim a table at 6:30am. We made it there around 9 am and ate and had tea till around 11. After that, my uncle had to switch his Honda City, which is like a Honda Civic in the states but slight bigger, with one of his friends for a van so we could all fit in for the day of tour around Kaiping. The first stop we made in Kaiping was to see Diaolou in Li's Garden. Again we didn't have to pay for any part of the fee to get in because we had "guanxi" with Mr Kwan. There we observe a whole bunch of architect and learned history of the amazing garden. After that, we had lunch at a place were it was famous for pot rice where they cooked everything under open fire with fire wood. After a long day touring the city of Kaiping, we made it back to Guangzhou and went to the Tianhe district where we stayed at the Westin hotel.