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Traditional Chinese Documentary

Soon after we settled in to our hotel, we met a guy named Doug. Doug is over here in China doing a documentary on traditional Chinese Medicine. Doug's brother had a stroke that affected his brain stem. After a lot of treatment in the states with no success, Doug looked into different practices and had heard from another stroke survivor that traditional Chinese Medicine really works. Before bringing his brother such a long way for treatment, Doug looked into the traditional medicine. About two months ago the family decided that trying Chinese Medicine would be the next best alternative. Doug's brother has only been here for about two months and he has progressed more in that time than he did in the states. Doug is doing a documentary on traditional Chinese Medicine and the prognosis his brother is undergoing. While being here, I have met Doug, his mom, his nephew and his father. The nephew just graduated from high school and is still planning to attend college. His mom, dad, and nephew only plan to stay for another month and then head home. It would have been neat to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine but I was fortunate to get to meet Doug and his family and learn about their amazing story!