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Washing clothes like the Chinese Students

After the long weekend in beijing I have run out of jeans to wear and I need to wash clothes. There are no washing machines or dryers available for the Chinese students, so they just wash their own clothes. I could pay to have the front desk to wash my clothes but I thought if they can do it, I can too! So after arriving home I walked four blocks to local "Wal-Mart" to buy laundry detergent. The store is packed with people because there are people coming out of the wood work here. I don't read Chinese so bought a bottled of soap entitled Underwear Cleaner. To purchase my cleaner I had to wait in the check out line for about twenty minutes. It is mind boggling how long it took me to get laundry detergent. In America the only day I would wait that long to buy something would be the day after Thanksgiving. Once I got home with my underwear cleaner, I turned into a top of the line Kenmore washing machine. I threw my clothes in the shower, filled my garbage can with soapy water and made sure the bathroom sink was cleared out. I first rinsed my clothes then plunged my clothes around in the soapy water. I guess all of the swimming lessons my mom out though were they made us do the "washing machine" have finally paid off. For my jeans I had to do both of the cycles twice because they were so dirty. The first time the water was a dirty brown color. Then I rinsed them again and threw them in the sink for a spin cycle. To dry my clothes I laid them around my room on clean white towels. Just to wash my clothes was quite an intense adventure. I am still waiting for all of the ones I washed to dry..... I feel like I have stepped back into the 19th century and am very very thankful that I live in the 21st. After washing my clothes by hand I feel as though I have truly immersed myself into their culture. Also I realized that if I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur I need to develop a cheap way to manufacture and sell personal washers and dryers to the Chinese people.