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For the sports day i made the decision to play basketball with the Chinese kids. There streetball is a little different then how we play in the states. First off, when warming up if you make the basketball you do not get the ball back (change) the person who gets the rebound just takes the next shot. Also when playing a game if a team scores a basket, the get to keep the ball aka make it take it. It was very fun playing but i am definitely sore from yesterdays activities since we playe not to 11, 21, 31, but 45! It was crazy and i thank mother nature for giving us rain so i did not die on the court. There is one huge difference when it comes to American basketball and Chinese basketball. Americans are a lot more aggressive when it comes to the game. We definitely bump bodies more, rebound better, and make more contact in a usual play. I noticed, besides pass, all the Chinese students were very timid when it came to the game. When getting a pass and having an open lane they would not drive the basket, but take the open jumper right where they were. Also if i were to be aggressive enough i could have gotten every rebound. The last thing that made the game much more interesting was playing on the stiffest rim ever. Even John missed a few lay ups during the game, also the nets had niether chain or silk nets. I look forward to playing with pass and his friends again.