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Beijing - Day 1 (5/19/09)


I never imagined we would be doing so many different things today. From going to the Forbidden City to eating a meal in a Chinese family setting to shopping at some local markets and bartering for items to finally having dinner at the Peking Duck Restaurant. Today was very fun and filled with many different things, but it was also quite exhausting going to so many different places.

The first place we went today was to the Forbidden City, where we learned many different things even though it was sometimes difficult to understand what Lisa was saying at times. At first it was quite fun seeing all the things in the Forbidden City, but it was getting tiresome to walk around for extended periods of time in the heat so I'm glad we left when we did.

After the Forbidden City we rode rickshaws to attend a family style meal at a local family's home. The food there was amazing; it was one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time. The hostess was very nice and allowed us to look around the areas of her housing unit.

Then we headed for one of the local markets where we purchased many different things. I bought a digital picture frame and a converter for my laptop's power cord (which I still can't get to work), I'll have to buy a new power cord tomorrow or something. I also purchased a set of nice chopsticks (hopefully when we're done I'll have mastered the use of them).

Beijing is an amazing location, I'm surprised to see so many bicycles piled up in one area and how much construction is actually happening even during this time of a worldwide economic recession. Hopefully there will be more interesting things to experience tomorrow and during the course of the rest of this trip.