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book report

The book “Made In China” was written by Donald N. Sull with Yong Wang and public in 2005. The book mainly talks about what western managers can learn from trailblazing Chinese entrepreneurs. There are total of nine chapters in the book contains acknowledge the fog of the future, go for the gold, learning in an unpredictable world and so on. And I am very interested those three chapters that I mention on above.

The concept of acknowledge the fog of the future was on chapter two. A company under in this concept is going to facing several unpredictable variables that are complex, dynamic and interactive. By looking at the unpredictable variable, I realized that a company would be solving problem rather than control those problem in the market. Just like a person walking on the road in a foggy weather. The person cannot predict what would willing to happen but still need to solve out the problem and able to live. It is same for a company who have taking with those unpredictable variables will reduce a company’s operation. So, as a manager in China should be well know how those variables will affect the company and find out a way to lead the company to go through. Although, company will facing a economic cost in the fog of the future, if they operating in a organized way; the company will able to get a economic profit in the long-run.

Second concept of go for a gold, the chapter argued that companies can gain significant advantages from seizing golden opportunities but must generally concentrate their resources to do so. There are three ways can help managers and entrepreneurs evaluate opportunities to increase the odds of getting their timing right when pursuing a golden opportunity. The three windows of opportunity is a framework that focus on question about customs, competitors, and context that help managers evaluate whether the timing is right to bet big on pursuing a golden opportunity.

For the last, the concept of leaning in an unpredictable world, it was like acknowledge the fog of the future. We facing unknown problem and finding answer in new way. So, by reading the whole book, I learn a lot of how to manage a company in china. Problems that we need to think and solve, also we need to face any unpredictable variable that will affect the company. And last, I think I still have a lot need to learn of it.