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City plan

Today we visited the Tianjin city planning expo. This was very similar to the city planning expo we visited while in Beijing. At these expos they provide possible architectural projects and small models of the city. These models are done with great precision and detail of the city. It is very interesting taking a bird eye view of the lay out of the city. It gives you an eye opening experience on how big and advanced this city is. First off, there buildings are a lot more interesting and creative than buildings in the U.S. Seeing these possible plans for building such places like museums, libraries, art galleries made me realize do the Chinese have all the creative juices in the world or are they just superior architects. Professor Li brought up the point that architects in China are one of the top paying jobs around the country. It shows in the beautiful plans that the Chinese people will get to choose from. The buildings range in size, shapes, and colors while battling for the same location. Seeing how beautiful these models are gives me the idea if I open up a bar or restaurant I will be hiring someone from China.