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Day 1 in Beijing

Today was a very interesting day. We got up early after a long day at the airport the previous day. We flew into Beijing around 11:00 p.m. and got to the hotel around 12:30. We had to get up very early and start touring Beijing. We first saw Tianemen Square. We were going to see Mao's body but we didn't have our passports. We than went and looked at the Forbidden City. This was very cool. It was built back in 1420 for the emperors. The architecture there was very cool and was one of the most interesting things I saw today. We than had lunch at a lady's home. It was very good and I learned how to eat with chopsticks at this lunch. My favorite thing was the green round things, I forget what they are called. We then went on a tour where people on bikes droves us around. Later, we went shopping and did some bargain shopping. This was very interesting to see how they would bargain with you. They constantly kept bugging you. I bought a couple things but not to much. Finally, we had dinner at Peking Duck. This was very good as well. It is the first time I have ate duck. I will definitely try it again. So as far as day 1 goes, it went pretty well and I am excited to see what else this program has to offer.


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