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Day 3 - Fast Times at Nankai High

Today was our third day in Tianjin and our second day of class. We have Chinese students from Nankai University come join us every day to join in the discussions. We were able to talk to them about some differences between student and professor relationships between our two countries. In china a student must address their professor formally by calling them Professor or Li Lao Shi. They were all very surprised and shocked by the fact that we all call our professors by their first name. It is considered extremely rude and disrespectful to address in any other way. We then explained to the Chinese students that it is very uncommon in the United States for a professor to want to be addressed formally. We explained that many teachers ask us to call them by their first name. We went on to say that we even would call our high school teachers by their first name; however, it is less common. Along similar lines we discussed one another address adults in general. For many of the US students they described how they call their relatives by their first name as well as their friends’ parents. Calling a friends parents’ by their first name was split roughly down the middle on the American side and unheard of on the Chinese side. Other topics discussed were dating among the Chinese population and Americans opinions on Chinese beauty. The Chinese men said they like liken round eyes while the American men said they like small eyes. One of the male Chinese students also said they like tall girls, but our definition of tall varied. We considered a tall girl 5’9-5’10 while the Chinese students thought 5’5 was tall.