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Day 4: The Great Wall & More Food

Today we climbed the Great Wall of China! It was quite a hike up the stairs to the top, but once we got up there it was worth it. The view was amazing.

On another note, I thought Mexican food I have tried in the past was spicy, but WOW, tonight Professor Li took several of us out to a local food market only a couple blocks away from our hotel. We tried different meats such as chicken, pork, beef, and lamb, all of which had a unique spice and taste to them. We also ordered a mixture of foods which was cooked and prepared in a large bowl. Professor Li picked the "ingredients" for it (chicken stomachs included), many of which were a mystery to us. It was very good but incredibly spicy. The entire meal for 11 of us was very inexpensive (about $4 USD each), very tasty and very filling. The way they cooks cook right on the street reminded me of the State Fair in Minnesota which only happen once a year. But this is daily in China.