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Day 5

Today I am going to talk about dinner. Dinner was one of the better parts of the day today for me. We went to a local restaurant and Dahui helped us get all set-up. They make you put money on a card and then they just deduct from that card what you ordered. After your meal is over they give you cash for the remaining balance on the card. This was a new style of business I have never seen and thought it was a great idea. Now talking more about the food. We were all sitting around table with burners in front of us. You ordered a certain type of soup that you wanted. They poured it into your pot and made it start boiling. Next, they came around with a choice of meat you could order. The options were chicken, beef, shrimp, and lamb. All three were very good. Finally, they had a big plate of vegetables which even included Duck Blood. The Duck Blood was very gross I could not eat that. So with all of this food you throw it into the pot and let it cook for a minute. After it was done cooking you fished it out with chopsticks. This was kind of a workout trying to get the food out of there. Most of it was very slippery and tough to get with the chopsticks but after awhile you were able to do it.