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Day 5 & 6 (Today)

Day 5 was a relaxing day at the hotel for Steve, Dan, & I. Since I didn't go out Friday night after my massage, I was up early with the group but stayed back to do some research for our paper and get a start on the paper. I was able to find both companies online but one was all in Chinese so Jun is going to have to help us translate it to get information. I also watched the Cavs-Magic game which was fun. LeBron hit a game winning three at the buzzer! Can't get much better than that. For lunch, we walked down to KFC which was amazing. Dinner last night was interesting. It was a lot of work trying to fish out some of the ingredients such as the dumplings and Kevin was having a difficult time with the hard boiled egg. After dinner, we went out on the town of Beijing. We went to a club that had bumpin' house music. I think that it was one of my favorite nights since I have turned 21 at bars. There were lots of people dancing and enjoying themselves. We left the club and a couple Korean kids wanted to start a fight with us for NO reason. They must have just wanted to say that they were in an international fight or something lame like that. I got back home to my room and it still had NO power. The gentleman at the front desk told Steve and I that we had to move rooms. I was not having that at all. There was no possible way that I was going to move all of my stuff at 3:15 in the morning. I more or less told him that we are not moving, but he gave us another room anyway.

Day 6 morning was a little rough after not getting a lot of sleep and the room being hot as hell. Steve stayed in the other room and thought that I was there the whole time last night. He woke up at like 7 discombobulated and came back to our real room. I thought that it was the engineer coming to fix the power like the front desk dude said to me on a couple hours earlier. After this, we headed off to Peking U. They had a very nice campus, but I wish that the student were able to swim in the lake, but our guide said otherwise. It would be a great way for students to cool off during the day. The Beijing zoo was a good time. We saw pandas, tigers, lions, bears, and some foxes. When we were looking at the bears, a bird decided that it was a great idea to take a crap on my shoulder, which I thought wasn't very nice of him/her.
We got back to the hotel around two for a much needed and appreciated nap!! We are off to Pizza Hut for some American pizza!!!! I am looking forward to something really greasy!