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Day 7

After talking with Tracey, June, and Stephen one day at lunch, a difference between Chinese and American relationship history immerged. As an American, we are used to having, in most cases, several different girlfriends or boyfriends before we get married in our early to mid twenties. Americans generally like to play the field and tell ourselves “there are many fish in the sea.“ It was interesting talking to them because when asked if any of the three of them had a girlfriend only one said yes. They spoke about it a bit and said some people by their early twenties have never had a significant other. In the case of the three of them, one said they had a girlfriend, one said they have had a girlfriend in the past, and the other said that they had never had a girlfriend (but will have one some day). Collectively, they said that usually people wait until they have completed the university before dating and settling down to get married. Just interesting to think about and to see the differences. Another good day today, looking forward to another one tomorrow!!