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Day four=Great Wall!!!

Today’s travels brought us to the Great Wall. Originally built (started) around 200 B.C., this structure is an engineering marvel. Many parts have been rebuilt since then, but that doesn’t take away any of the aura surrounding it. In fact, the majority of the rebuilt areas are still hundreds of years old. It took millions of men to build and also took the lives of thousands due to intense working conditions and lack of food. After climbing to the top, which was longer and harder than it sounds, the views were absolutely amazing!!!

Unfortunately, many sections of the Great Wall are falling into disrepair. Not many people realize this due to the fact that the grand majority of the Wall is very rural. Incidentally, the sections we observed and presumably other more reachable sections are kept in good condition, considering the age of the structure and importance to the tourism industry. The challenge is to what extent the wall can be (or should be saved). At 6,000 miles in length, it would be nearly impossible to keep the entire section in average (and safe) condition. Surely, it would cost billions and require the manpower of thousands of people.