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day in tianjin--1

Today is the last morning that we stay in Beijing. At eight in the morning, we take the bus to the train station. I heard that the station in Beijing was rebuild because the Olympus Game. As the bus approach to the train station, it is a huge and modern station in front my eyes. I do not belief a station like that until I saw it. Looks like a very modern train transport station as cool as in some of the video game. We get the train tickets from Lisa, then we say goodbye to her. The seat in the train is very comfortable. And I do not feel anything moving when the trains start to go. It’s just a very smooth train with 319 km per hour. From Beijing to Tianjin is about 45 minutes. It is felt just cost few minutes because I play game in the time we are in the train.

Other thing I want to say was last night. I and my brother jack went to Xidan. It is a major shopping area in Beijing city. There are a lot of stores and couple of shopping mall. And there are many fashion people hand out there. I and jack are go inside a shopping mall. We saw that there a street dancing competition going on. Those dancers are come from other city’s university students than Beijing and they dancing very professional. We do not watch the whole dancing match because we need to go to eat. That is why we come here. Foods are very amazing in this shopping. There are 5 floors in this mall and each floor has couple store is for food. We ate noodle are our main meal and have toast for desire. It is interested to go to this mall; kind of like HongKong shopping mall.

Last thing I went to mention for today is my hair. I am shy to show to everyone because I have a bad haircut. Although everyone want to see it; I would not going to show everyone until when………………………………………..