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French-Chinese Connection

Dynasty Group started in 1980 when Remy Martin and Dynasty started the first joint venture enterprise in Tianjin. It used to produce 16000 bottles a year and now it now produces 40 million bottles a year in a fully automated production line. This is one example of how a foreign company can make an strategic agreement with a Chinese company and see how it has propered almost 30 years later. It shows that doing business in China is a great thing for a company that is looking to expand their sales or are just looking for a new start. Since this connection has been going on for almost 30 years and is still profitablr and going on, it says that both sides know what the other side wants. Chinese culture is one of the most difficult countries to come into and do business. There are certain times of the year that would look bad if you asked for a meeting during that time saying that you did not do your homework before setting up the meeting. Now, there are just about every Fortune 500 company having a production facility, a subsidiary, or just a sales office somewhere in China but specifically in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, or Suzhou. One of my cousins, who has been working in Suzhou and now in Singapore, has been over here for at least five years. He works for RTP Co., which was a small private company headquartered in Winona, MN, has done business here very well. He helped start both production facilities in Singapore and Suzhou and it seems that everything he did was right. He must have done his homework before coming overseas.