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Friday & Saturday

Both days were free days. Friday was my sleep and resting day and also a two hour question and answer session with some on Dahui's college friends. It was an interesting lecture since it was first hand information. Each of Dahui's colleagues had very insightful topics to discuss. It was nice having them talk since they work here and can tell us first hand work experience. After they spoke, it was back to sleep! I think that i slept for at least 15 hours on Friday. I didn't go out with the group to AliBaba's or the dance club. I did see the sun come up Saturday morning which was kind of nice other than the fact that it was at 4:30 in the morning.

Yesterday, Saturday, was another low key day. Lots of sleeping! Pass & Angel took us around campus which was cool. It seems a lot more spread out that UMD. Also, just about all UMD's building are connected in some way. One of the coolest buildings on campus was just built last year for a competition. I can not remember what Angel said it was for. Some of the group went to play basketball while Steve Ashley & I went to a pizza place. We walked in but could not understand the hostess and she could not understand us. We thought it was closed because there were no lights on and no one else was in the place. We kind of figured out that we wanted to eat so she sat us down. It was an interesting time ordering since we could not read the menu, we could only point and that really didn't work either. We saw garlic bread in the menu but I guess it was not available when we were there. The pizza ended up being very cool and it was one of the few places we have gone to here that actually had very cold beer! After walking on campus in the hot sun, a cold beer was all that we wanted. It was very refreshing and I would definitely go back and get a different pizza with some cold beer!