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Kevin O'Connell: From Beijing to Tianjin

Well…today we left the friendly confines of Beijing and took a high speed train to our new home for two weeks—Tianjin. I like our hotel better here in Tianjin. For one, our air conditioning is 10X better than in Beijing. In Beijing, our hotel controlled the air; they didn’t let the temperature in our rooms get down below about 25 degrees Celsius (about 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Second, we now have two internet connections which is much better than the slow single connection in Beijing. Third, we found Hanks Sports Bar and Grill in Tianjin. They have tap beer, frosty mugs, and hamburgers. I plan to frequent Hank’s in the next two weeks whenever I crave some good old American grub.

Today we went to the E-mart to do some grocery shopping. It had pretty much the same layout as any American grocery store. However, they had way different food. American grocery stores have entire isles dedicated to cereal and cereal bars; in the Tianjin E-Mart, they had like 3 full isles dedicated to cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Also, they have what seems like a hundred different flavors of potato chips—ranging from regular chips to blueberry flavored potato chips (yes, blueberry)

I am really looking forward to begin class in the morning. This is the greatest experience I’ve had in my life. The culture is totally different and I love it. Words can’t do justice to all the things we have done so far on the trip.