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Laundry attempt...first and maybe the last

I first want to say I respect everyone in China that has to do their own laundry. Today I attempted for the first time to do my laundry by hand without a machine. Since many people in China do not have access to machines or cannot afford to use a machine they have to wash everything by hand. After listening to others I figured the best way to go about doing my laundry is washing and letting the clothes sit in the sink, then rinse with in the shower, then hang in the shower. To wash my clothes in the sink I used a tide bar that I purchased at Wal-Mart in Beijing. It seemed to work well in getting out the dirt and making the clothes smell somewhat decent. The problem I had while washing was keeping the water from getting all over the floor and from making me soaking wet. At which I accomplished neither of these. I had to wipe the floor and change my shirt after I was finished washing my clothes. Since I was not thinking that I had to rinse my clothes as well, I preceded to get my other shirt wet while rinsing the clothes in the shower. After doing this for the first time, I have come to the conclusion that it will probably be my last. So I will try to find any possibly way to wash my clothes that will not cost me as much. So I feel bad that many Chinese people do this by hand. I assume that they have the technique down a lot better than me so I am sure its not as difficult. So I and everyone in the U.S. should be thankful that we get to use such great machines that I took for granted growing up.



well,many students in China do not like doing the laundary either,they would rather buy a new one when the old one gets dirty