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Saturday May 30

Today I walked around Tianjin and visited the University with the chinese students, Angel and Pass. I was surprised by the employee housing set ups. I saw a small brick home with chickens feeding on the grass in front of their home. Angel just said that this is the home of someone who works at the University. Later that evening we went to the roof of our hotel and find people's clothes hanging up there drying. Again I thought maybe some guest needed more drying space, until employees kept coming up and changing ina shed like place. This was definitely different. As the night went on we came to realize that someone actually was living on the roof of the hotel, we assume it is an employee. They were watching TV and just hanging out in a little shed on the roof. I am still surprised by the housing conditions of people in the city. Pass took a student up to the boy's dormitory and it held six beds in the size of a room smaller then what would be seen on a typical American public University.

Angel and I discussed dating in China. She said dating does not really occur. If you decide to start a relationship you should expect it to last about 3 years at the least. The only interaction prior to dating is done in class. I imagine it is hard to get to know someone in China of the opposite sex. She enjoyed hearing about school dances in middle school and how we stood on opposite sides of the room. She said that they never had dances in high school either.


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