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Where are the Women?

I am trying to figure out if women aren’t very into sports over here. You always hear about the Chinese Women’s Soccer Team but what else. The other day when we went to the university we started in the gym playing bad mitten and ping pong. It was all guys originally playing in there until Angle came and played ping pong with us. Then we went outside to play basketball and the basketball courts were completely full but still no girls. Margaux and I were the only girls playing basketball, and you could tell they didn’t often play with girls. Granted we were the best basketball players it was still really hard to get them to pass us the ball. Margaux and I came up with an agreement that we would let each other be wide open so they would pass us the ball, and then if we got it we could shoot. Very rarely did one of the Chinese students pass us the ball still, when we got the ball it was usually from one of our American guys. After we each had a few shots and still missed that even limited the number of times we got the ball as well. It is understandable that they wanted to win, but everyone keeps saying that men and women here are actually on the same level when I just don’t see that.