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3rd to last day in China

I am going to blog about the island we are staying on. The resort we are staying in is really sweet. I like it a lot because it is quiet. You don't hear the horns that you do when you stay in the city which is really nice. I feel at peace because we are away from lots of people and don't have to push your way through people to get somewhere. The room itself is different than from what we are used to staying in. You have the normal two beds but this time we have mosquito nets because the mosquito's here are very bad. I have probable 20 bites on my leg from them already. Also we have a separate room where you can smoke if you are a smoker or just a place to hang out and chill. Finally, you have your bathroom which is just a normal bathroom other then that it takes 30 minutes for the hot water to work again. The island itself is beautiful. We are separated from the mainland. They have condos all over the place and little markets. There are restaurants and bars which is nice. The lights are really cool to see at night. It looks amazing. Also, there a little rivers that run through the island. We were able to take a boat ride on the river and I enjoyed the scenery greatly. I really like this island and wish we could stay longer.