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ACS & Hanks

This morning we tour a couple different companies but I will discuss ACS (Affiliated Computer Services- http://www.acs-inc.com/). ACS is a company that provides outsourcing services (HR, accounting & finance, IT, BPO, and a couple others) to many companies worldwide such as GM, Motorola, Cigna, and many others. ACS is headquartered in Dallas, TX but has a very strong presence in China especially in its Tianjin office in TEDA (http://en.investteda.org/). We met with President Chen, who gave us a brief overview of ACS as well as a Q&A session. Among the many topics she discussed, I was amazed with the low turnover rate of around 8%. She made some good points on why it was so low. Tianjin and TEDA are an area of China that is growing very fast. And the fact that many companies are trying to cut costs, outsourcing with an elite company such as ACS would be beneficial to any company in the long run. President Chen said that the company wouldn't notice much until two or three years after the relationship. She also said that ACS has a 98 percent satisfaction rate, which again impresses me about ACS.
Now, onto Hanks. It is a western style restaurant that serves burgers, pizza, tacos, nachos, steaks, and many other dishes. The weekly special was a Aussie Roadhouse Bernie Burger, which I got (the only one at the table to get) and it was great. It has double bacon, double cheese, an egg, mayo, lettuce, fried onions, on a delicious bun. I couldn't have asked for anything better after not eating a real burger in over two weeks. Thanks Hanks, and we will be back!