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Ahhhhhhhhh Coca-cola

Today was a fun packed day where we witnessed and heard a lot of interesting things. The event that we did today that I want to blog about is our tour of the Coca-cola company. After taking the tour it was a lot different than I expected it to be. For the tour we basically walked around a single room and was able to look down at all the various machines they use for their operations. I thought we were actually going to go down and get a closer few of the operations, but I understand why they didn’t. They work 24 hours a day working at various speeds based on demand. Depending on the size, amount, and type of bottle whether plastic or glass. The most interesting thing was how they found defective bottles throughout the assembly process. It looked as though they used a light which probably measured requirements for the bottle and then would separate them from the pack. It was a very fast process, but I thought the conveyer belt for the caps and how they were screwed on was most intriguing. I also notice from one of the first rooms we looked at was a water treatment workshop. This is interesting to me since my dad’s company works with water treatment processes and I build water treatment tanks during the summer. So my question would be if the products offered by Engineering America Inc. could be used in any way in Coca-cola’s operations. It was overall a learning experience and I was surprised by how much that they can make a day.



Yes, to your question. EAI provides equipment in the states that treat the water before Coke uses it. Also, when Coke discharges their waste water we treat that also. When I went to Taiwan back in the early 90's, we provided aeration blowers for the villages wastewater plants. These plants were located at the center of the village for ease to collect. The plant on the same grounds as the local hospital. What do thinks the patients like to smell most?

Great writing! Keep up the interesting messages.