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After going to Alibaba's again, I appreciate a lot what the owner has done. It is a hang out for international as well as locals (though I don't think that many go there or even go out at night especially on a Monday night) who speak English. When we walked in, we were greeted by University of Wisconsin-Madison students. They said it was their third night here and are studying Chinese at Normal University for three months total. I am just amazed that I am 7000 miles away from Minnesota with a 13 hour time difference, and I am seeing people that live less than 200 miles away from my hometown. In Beijing, a group of met ran into some students who were from the U of M-Rochester. That is like a 40 minute drive from Winona. Again we are half way across the world and seeing people. This just makes me believe the saying "The world is small". The owner did have to come over to us and tell us to be quiet again, but that is going to happen when have eight people around a table. But, at least this time we were not the only ones to be told to me quiet. Again, the owner must have to put up with a lot but in the end I am sure that he loves what he is going. Thank you AliBaba's for being an international English speaking bar!!