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Day 14 - Last Day

Today is our fourteenth day in Tianjin and this afternoon we are heading by train to Shanghai. Last night we had our farewell dinner with the Chinese students and some of the Chinese professors. The food was great and it is always fun to visit with the Chinese students. After dinner we all headed to Alibabas one more time before leaving in the morning. We decided to play cards and started up a game of Black Jack, but in China it is just called 21. Throughout our two week stay I enjoyed speaking with the Chinese students, teaching them English words, simple games, and over just talking about the American lifestyle. One thing I have noticed throughout the trip is that cabs are way easier to get here than back in Minnesota. It makes sense, when you are in a city with 11 million people and majority of them do not own cars, a saturated taxi population is needed. All the taxis here have to reach quotas and pay rent on their cars. I believe all of the Taxis, at least the majority we saw in Tianjin are owned through the government. This is not the case back in Minnesota, especially in Duluth. Getting a cab in Duluth is nearly impossible when you want it. Cabs are not driving around waiting to pick people, you always have to call the cab company and tell them your location. You sometimes have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a cab. And if the cab can’t find your address they just move on and the company never calls you to let you know so you could be waiting for a cab that is never coming. Also cabs rides in China are much less expensive than in the United States. In Duluth an aver taxi ride can be $15, if you have not joined the $2 taxi service. The average cab ride in china has been roughly $15 RMB which is about $1.75 US. I enjoy just being able to stick my arm out and hail a cab, once I get in and try and tell them where to go however is another story.