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day 22

Today we are in a different city. I feel kind of sad that it rained all day. I heard alot of things about the Tiger Hill. I was expecting it to be better. From what people have sad they mad it like the place isone of the best places to visit. What I do find interesting is the pagoda. I think that it is kind of weird how they did not even notice that it was leaning towards the right until five stories later.

Another place we visited was the Lingering Garden. Compared to the Summer Palace, I enjoyed the garden more. The reason being is that this place is not as big. The garden also looks more like the culture. I really like the winy paths made of rocks. As I was walking through the place it felt like I was in one of the old Chinese movies.

Tonight we were side by side another tourist bus. Inside that bus there was a little Chinese girl with the biggest eyes I have ever seen. I thought that it was really weird to see this. The reason being is usually when you meet Chinese people they have small eyes. I have noticed that a lot of the children around China are getting bigger. To me this is weird to see because I am so use to seeing everyone all skin and bones. It is good to see that kids are actually getting the nutrients they need and are living a good and healthy lifestyle.