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i am showing pictures

Tianjin is very good space. It is become more and more modern. It is going to catch up to Guangzhou city. I think the 2008 Olympus game is one of the reason that Tianjin develop faster.

Ok, I should return to my topic. I do not have very much picture, but I got the quality.

Today's No. 1 picture I hold:

This picture is cool, as you know, jack does not very like to take picture. And this one shows how cool he is. With the old style method makes jack even like model. This photo I just put up some words on it; I have not using any photoshop on it. If anyone want it , I would happy to give everyone the original one without any words.

Today's No.2: Tianjin Rocks

The photograph's background is my bag pack. I use Marco mode to an area of my bag. Using Photoshop to write some words on it. It makes the picture nice and cool. By use black color words, everyone would focus on my words and this is what I want everybody to see.

Today's No. 3: Road Way

This photo is take place from Tianjin Port. it is a huge ship port and has a nice view. Also this one I use the old style color background lens. It gives a different feeling of it. The little on the left of the road in the front gives little life on this picture.

I hope everyone enjoin my photo. hope to get more stylist photo in shanghai.