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Language Barriers 6/5

This has one of the most wonderful experiences of my life being over here in China. But I will always say that if I could speak the Language it would even be that much better. I’m sure it’s not fun for people to always have to translate for us because we have no idea what is being said. We have picked up a few words but are far from having a conversation any time soon. When we go to clubs and bars the only people we can communicate with are a select handful of people who can speak English, so it limits our amount of interactions with others. Most people here can speak a bit of English but at the same time out the millions of people who live here many cannot. An experience we had on the roof tonight is a prime example of a language barrier. A lady came up and was yelling at us (or so we think by the sound of her voice) we had no idea what was being said, but we knew we seen her following us earlier that night when we went to The Golden Hans. After having Angle translate what she could for is it sound like the lady lost her daughter because her daughter ran off to follow us and she was saying that it was our fault she lost her daughter. It was difficult to communicate back because we were all yelling different things for Angle to say to her. There are many more barriers just having that lady freak out on us made the difficulties of the language barrier more noticeable.