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Last day in China

For my last blog I am going to talk about how Shanghai is much more westernized then any other city that we went to. Right when we got to Shanghai I started to notice a lot of differences compared to the other cities we had been too. The one big thing is the fact that so many more people spoke English. This was a nice change because it was getting kind of frustrating not being able to communicate with them to get the basic items that you wanted. In the other cities that we went to you were lucky to find someone that could understand everything that you were saying. Another thing is that all of the cool buildings that they have there. Some examples are the Pearl T.V. tower, the Jin Mao, and the new Shanghai World Financial Center. I especially like the SWFC because it is one of the tallest buildings in the world. I had never been on this one because when I was there before it was not done yet. It was awesome to see the final product and to get a chance to go up to the hundredth floor. Even though we were in Shanghai for a short period I thought it was awesome to be back and be familiar with some of my surroundings.