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last lecture

June 6, on Friday, that is the last lecture we expect to have. This lecture is pretty interesting and I thing that would consider one of my favorite lectures. Professor Lin show us how E-business work in china.

The first thing that he told us about is how cell phone interacts into people’s life style. We could book any type of tickets online and we will receive a list of numbers or a 2-demensional figure by messages, said Dr. Lin. We can carry out our tickets by cell phone, then go to check out. This type of technology also can be use in subway and bus. It is a very high-tech thing that would be use in the future. As I know, Japan is using this type of technology already. Japanese holds some of the top high-tech technology. Cell phone is one of high-tech in Japan; they use is quite different than other country. Such different things that I said above and it is first been use in Japan. I think this technology have been use five or six years ago or maybe even earlier than that. That is not easy to public such kind of thing in china because wi-fi is the important thing in this project. Without a country wide wireless, it cannot be work. China is not fit in this technology yet. There are several reasons. The first reason is cost a lot to build up a country wide wireless. Second, Chinese is not ready to get such high tech thing yet when there is technology problem in china’s cell phone companies. The last one, it is not efficiency to import this technology in china. Chinese still have a long way to go before hit this because it is useless now in china.

It is interested to hear the professor mention this technology. It makes me thing through to Japan because got many sweet high-tech stuff. Like the electronic car is first develop by Japanese. Sky train is a train transport that road is build on the sky and train is hang on the road. This is why we call that sky train.

I am taking far away from the lecture. Sorry to mention so about Japan, but it is fun to know how high-tech Japanese at and compare to china. China still have a distance to catch up and I want to see this time when is coming.