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Last Night in Tianjin: Dan Korman

Today was our last full day in Tianjin. It is a bittersweet feeling leaving Tianjin and the great friends we have made at Nankai. When exchanging gifts tonight I noticed that the Chinese students were extremely gracious for the gifts we gave them. I especially noticed that the girls were a little embarrassed when I gave them my gifts. It was very fun though, and helped establish more guanxi between our students and theirs. My time in Tianjin has been one for the ages. I have enjoyed myself very much, and will be a little sad to leave. I have learned a great deal about Chinese culture, and have learned much about Chinese students. I have built friendships that will last for a long time. Many of the students told me to contact them when I return to China, which I plan to do. In America it is easy to build good friendships, but there is something different about the way it happens in China. It is tough to explain, but it has been a great experience to go through.