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Natural Environment

Today we were all very amused with the monkeys and alligators. At the same time I felt a bit bad for the animals. The alligators only have a concrete pool with a little water to stay in, and the money was roped to the tree with about a foot of slack. I felt so bad for the monkey because he kept trying to tug on the rope so he could get closer to us. Finally the owner of the monkey went to play with him, along with the other guy. The other guy grabbed a stick and it looked like he was going to play with the monkey. Then we saw him start hitting the monkey in the face, I am still not sure if it was a game and the monkey was just bad at it or if he was punishing the monkey. Either way back in the states that wouldn’t exactly fly. We have so many animal rights people around that if one of them saw something like that happened there was be a protest for sure, if not an attempt at a lawsuit for animal cruelty. Back home we are always criticized for the way we treat our natural environment and the animals in it. Until now I don’t think we actually treat them that bad after seeing how things are done here in China. After seeing the monkeys and alligators we also saw horses that looked very unhealthy. Shane made a comment about how it was not good that you could see their hip bone. And for the environment, it is illegal to throw trash on the ground, and at some food vendors there they tell you to just throw your garbage on the ground and they will take care of it later. If that were said back home no one would believe that it would actually happen so someone would get in trouble.