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Random Things

Today I am going to blog about the random things that you see around China. Tonight I looked out the window and i saw what looked to be fire in the reflection off the building across the street. At first I was like I hope that is not my hotel i am staying in but it turns out that it was a fire in the middle of the street. This was so weird because it was not a little fire but was a huge bonfire. The Chinese men were just throwing in random chairs and other pieces of wood into the fire. What I thought was really funny is the fact that a cop drove right by and didn't even stop or say anything. It didn't last long but when it was over they didn't even bother to clean it up or sweep away the ashes. So now there is just a big black spot in the road. I just couldn't believe that would be allowed. If we were in America you would probably going to jail. But its just another thing that is different about the culture and what is the norm in China.