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Shanghai - Day 5 (6/12/09)

This is our last day in Shanghai, and our last day in China really (we only have the trip to the airport tomorrow and the long flight(s) back). I have experienced so much throughout this entire trip; it is quite difficult to sum it up in this short blog. I hope I can stay in contact with the Chinese students I have met during this trip, Facebook should help, but I do hope that I can meet them again someday, maybe even back in the United States. That said, I am excited to be getting back to the United States and seeing my friends and relatives there again, and I am also missing the food a lot. I hope that I will remember these experiences that I have had in China for the rest of my life, but if I do not I should have enough pictures to recall most of the things that we have done here during this once in a lifetime experience. Returning to the United States is both a happy and a said experience for me; having to say goodbye to new friends, but also looking forward to seeing old friends; wanting to see more things yet also wanting to relax and take a break; wanting to try new foods, but also wanting to get back to the foods that I am accustomed to. I just hope that I can use many things that I have learned during this trip in my everyday life and also when I start working for a company in the future. Maybe I'll be coming back to China one day to utilize the various things that I have learned over there for use in business practice. P.S. if you are going to be in the Shanghai area again next year, make sure to rehire Joe. He had to be one of the best tour guides I've ever seen and made the trip a lot more entertaining and enjoyable.


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