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Shanghai Day 2

Today, was one of my favorite days on the whole trip. I had seen the Shanghai World Financial Center on the Discovery channels' "Build it Bigger" get built, so I was very interested when I found out that we were going to actually go in it. The top of the building has a large rectangle cut out of it for the wind factor. It looks a like a bottle opener or a Japanese sword if you think that way. I kind of remember the showing talking about the 100th floor observation deck, which happens to be the tallest observation deck in the world, but I now remember what it looked like. Half of the floor was glass; you could see straight down to the lower deck as well as 1,555 feet down. It was pretty amazing. My mind was racing a little bit up there and thought of how the rest of China was built, it does not last very long. Any second this brand new building could fall because China does not have any authority caring about building regulations. We again went on the high speed elevator, which does not tell you what floor you are going though, but tells you how high up you are in meters. We ended off the evening on the front step of the hotel talking about the trip! Great way to end it off.