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Tasty Mall food

Today we were dropped off at the mall to eat dinner. This was my first experience with buying a meal from a mall setting. It was very similar to the states in the way that all the stores were together in a food court. There were displays of the meals on the counter in front of each restaurant. The prices were very cheap and reasonable to what the prices would be in the states. The portions for the food were much bigger here as well. When ordering they did not speak any English so we received help from June to translate what the meals were. After finding out the food we were able to decide and could just point to what meals and sizes we wanted. The funny thing for my meal was that when they tried giving it to me, it looked nothing like what I ordered so I did not take it at first. Since we didn’t know what they were saying we had to call June over to find out what was going on and he told me to hand them the receipt. Then June looked at me, laughed, and said the food advertise always looks better than what you get. I then grabbed the tray they originally tried to give me and laughed about the situation. Overall it was another learning experience with an added bonus of a cheap, tasty, filling meal.



Great couple of entrys, your writing with expression is very entertaining. What are your group studies consist of? Who is Angel? How is everyone getting along? Any one get sick yet?