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Venice of Italy- Wuzhen

This afternoon we walked around Part one, which started off for some of us on a little boat. It was a nice afternoon, it got a little long. After a couple hours, me and a couple other found Dr. Li. He took us to some areas to look and stuff and then got us into a ladies' house to see what it looked like. She used to work in a silk factory but had retired 30 plus years ago. Her husband had passed away and kids had left the city, so she was all she had left in Wuzhen. She obviously likes it, she is right on the water, so how couldn't you like that! Later that evening, we moved into out hotel rooms. We had to take a boat to get to the island that we were staying on. It was a nice room with views of the water. We again took a boat ride from by our hotel room to the bar area. We sat down, ordered some beer, ordered some food (Hack & I got a very good pizza with garlic bread!), and listened to Bob Marley; how much more American than that can you get! We stayed there a couple drinks and then headed back to where our room was and hung outside on the bridge. It was a great night, wished we would have had a longer time there to explore more.