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wed. 6/3 - Twins

So to start off I understand why China has a one child policy; with a population as large as China’s it is understandable that they want to keep it under control. But at the same time for me personally I would hate living in a country that would limit me to only having one child, and also being the only child growing up. I have two brothers and a sister so imaging a life without them is impossible. I used my siblings to learn from their mistakes, and I also looked up to them for advice and help though high school and my start of college. The reason I choose this topic to blog about is because I saw a set of twin girls when we were outside of the hotel. It made me wonder how that works; do they have to choose to abort one, do they have to pay money for one, or do they just get to have both? It also raises the question for when the go to school, seeing all families are reserved one student ID for their child does one child get left out and not able to go to school, or do the schools make exceptions when it comes to twins. I am very interested in finding out how all these things work because we have heard so much about the one child policy, but nothing really when a women ends up having twins.