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Yesterday and Today: Dan Korman

Yesterday we had a dumpling making party, and it was great. I also set a new UMD study in China record by eating 50 dumplings! I learned how to make many different styles of dumplings, and it was great to see the diversity that dumplings possess. At night we went to Ali Baba’s with a few of the students from Nankai. I learned that some of them like to drink warm milk before bed time. In fact I have noticed that much of China likes their beverages warm, which is quite different from the states. It has been quite interesting when going places to eat and be handed warm water, defiantly not use to that, especially during summer.

Today we visited a few companies located in Tianjin. The first was a Coca-Cola company which serves the Tianjin area. It was amazing to see their operation and the machines which performed the operations. They had amazing technology, to say the least. We then visited a consulting company, and got a great presentation from the company’s VP. She taught a lot about her company, and specifically performing business in China. To end to the day we got to go see the seaport of Tianjin. It was absolutely HUGE! I was amazed at the amount of cargo that I saw. I guess when you are supplying so many people you need a port that large. It was also interesting to see that the shoreline did not have any sand, just mud. Not my favorite type of beach. The last part of the day was visiting an aircraft carrier. It was one of coolest things I have ever done. It was great to go on the ship and view all the weaponry, and see how it is once operated. One thing that stood out today about Chinese culture is the amount to which they smoke cigarettes, specifically the men. Every restaurant we have been to there has been many men smoking at the tables. In America you can barely smoke anywhere anymore, but here it is almost expected it seems. It appears to be a great social device for men when they are talking or meeting in groups of friends or colleagues.